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Braided Branches is my personal family history blog.  The content herein is the product of my own research into the story of my ancestors.  Family history narratives fall into the category of creative non-fiction. The goal of this genre is to present factually accurate prose about real people and events in a way that is compelling – to make the stories read like fiction so that you are engaged by the facts and captivated by the story. “Creative” doesn’t mean inventing what didn’t happen – it is just an effort to creatively relate what did. That being said, some parts of my story may be fictionalized in an effort to make the story more readable. Those instances will be clearly stated.

Whenever possible, I will cite sources of factual information. I make no guarantees of the absolute truth of any fact.  Every effort has been made to check the facts, to the best of my ability, using the tools and materials available at the time the research was done.  New information is constantly becoming available through the magic of the Internet.  There is no way I could possibly keep up with every new item for over 2,000 ancestors on a daily basis.

The information in this blog should not be relied upon for legal purposes. Should there be a question, the reader is encouraged to check cited sources for themselves, and I hope you will contact me to share any updates or corrections that may result from the reader’s own research.

This blog represents the author’s interpretation of the story.  Other people may interpret this information differently.



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